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The Complete Stair Climber Specialists

At Specialist Lifting Solutions we pride ourselves on our stair climber hire service. As a dedicated operator of stair climbing machines we know what it means to complete a lift on stairs - It's not easy sometimes!. We're always looking to improve our service and get you acces to high quality machinery at great prices and plenty of know-how to go with it.

We are the UK specialist for powered stair climbers. We are a completely independent company offering the widest range of makes and models of stair crawler and climber to hire in the UK today.As we specialise only in the area of powered stair climbers there is little we don’t know on the subject, and being completely independent we hold no brand preference.We aim to offer you the best machine for the task you have to complete. Whether a commercial undertaking or a personal task we’re here to help.We stock Sano Liftkar / Powermate / AATA Stair Robot and soon we hope to add Zonzini skipper models to our range.

Stair Climber Machines For Hire

We are proud to offer you these machines available to hire:

  • Powermate LE-1
  • Powermate M-1
  • Sano Liftkar MTK 190

Our Stair Climber Hire Experience

Hiring a powered stair climbing machine from us should be a swift and professional experience and we pride ourselves on keeping you informed of the availability of our stair climbers for hire. Keep an eye out for the box telling you how many of each stair climber model we have available for hire right now! We offer delivery services, just enquire on how much it'll cost to get it to where you want and as always if you don't see the information you want just ring and ask. We're Here To Help All Your Stair Climbing Needs.

Stair Climber Hire From Specialist Lifting Solutions 

Specialist Lifting Solutions Stair Climber And Operator Service

We can offer a full stair climber service with operators. All our staff are fully trained and offer liability and item insurance up to £100,000. No one offers a more comprehensive service with all the trimmings. All of our operators are also stair climber trainers so we 100% confident in our service.
As important as what stair climbers can do its also about what they can't.

Man And Machine Service

Are service includes as standard: these machines available to hire:

  • Up To 680 Kg Stair Climbing
  • Full Insuarnce For Your Items
  • Full Public Liability Insurance
  • Risk Assessments
  • Method Statements
  • Site Surveys
  • CSCS Registered

Full Specialist Lifting Service Available

Although we are experts in stair climbing we also offer full specialist lifting services. All forms of material handling work is undertaken from commercial and residential, single item relocation all the way up to complete factory relocation with complex lifting schedules.
We're proud of the service we offer and are always lloking to improve the services we offer.
As we have been operating our stair climber and operator service for over ten years we know exactly what can and can't be done, what is safe and unsafe and how to get over the most awkward of obstacles.

    Stair climbing a commercial freezer   stair climber and operator service

Stair Climber Sales

Not looking to hire, want to own your own stair climber. There are may reasons to purchase your own machine - for capital investment, regular and heavy use, to never be without it!. Whatever your reason for wanting to buy a stair climber, make sure you get the machine that is right for you. At Specialist Lifting Solutions we're here to give you the advice you need to make an informed decision.

Sano Liftkar Stair Climber Sales

The Sano Liftkar range of stair climbing machine offer increadible ease of use and lifting capacities up to 330 Kg.
Using a patented rotating mechanism the stair climber does all the work for you, taking heavy loads up and down stairs becomes a snap for a single operator.

The Sano range comes in various models: MTK 190, MTK 310, HD and SAL, each with their own specifications and advantages.

Powermate Stair Climber Sales

The Powermate range of stair climbing machines from LP-International offer high quality construction, increadible power and advanced electronics. Utilising the natural effect of pivoting and balance these machines can lift up to 680 Kg in weight. Massive lifting capability to be used by either one or two operators.

The Powermate range comes in various models: L-1, Le-1, M-1 and M-2 each with their own specifications and advantages.

Stair Climber Training Service

Leagally you should be trained to use a powered stair climber. As plant machinery they are very dangerous in the wrong hands and we've heard many horror stories about lifts on stairs that have gone very wrong, from machines going end over end down the stairs to people powering through walls there are many aspects of stair climbing to contemplate. Get trained and certificated by Specialist Lifting Solutions Ltd and operate your stair climber safely. Any machine that can lift up to 680 kg can do some serious damage.

Training on a stair climber

Our Stair Climber Training Experience

Getting trained on a stair climber doesn't need to be hard but due to the dangers involved, respect must be given to the machines. We operate in a relaxed and friendly environment, ask any question and we'll help with over ten years of knowledge there's little we don't know about the subject and we'll impart as much of this in your training session.

How We Train You On Stair Climbers

Our Stair Climber Training Service comes with following benfits:

  • Complete Machine Understanding
  • Feature Explanations
  • Fundementals Of Stair Climbing Physics
  • Stair Climber Safety
  • Climbing Up Stairs
  • Climbing Down Stairs
  • Pro's And Con's - Do's And Dont's
  • Certification
  • Practical And Theory Training